Watch Dogs PC Mods That Make It Look Even Better

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If you have seen the Watch Dogs E3 2012 gameplay trailer, you might think that it is a bit different with the actual game released recently. Even when compared to the PC version on Ultra settings, the E3 2012 gameplay looked a bit better in terms of lighting and bloom. E3 has been increasingly becoming notorious at showcasing ?misleading? game previews and trailers (or maybe the publishers of the games themselves). Owners of the game can debate whether the game?s graphics got downgraded or not, but it was clear that some of the ambient effects were ?moderated? on the final release. That?s where the mods for the PC comes in.

With some tinkering (no need to be afraid, because your PC can definitely handle these), you can make your Watch Dogs game look even more better than it is. Much closer to the original E3 2014 gameplay. With these mods, you enable/add better dynamic lighting from the cars? headlights. It will also allow you to increase the overall density of civilians that you see hanging around, an improved ?bloom? effect, better ?shallow depth of field? view (blurry distant backdrops), and more.

Guru3D and TheWorse take credit for these mods that adds these following effects on the PC version of Watch Dogs. You can find the mod here.

However, many claims that these aren?t really mods, but rather hidden files and assets which were stored in the PC version of the game. Modders, TheWorse and Kadzait24, were said to have found these hidden files and activated them. Hidden assets like ?E3 2012 Bloom? and ?E3 2012 Explosions? were hidden along with other files, that is said to have ?degraded? the graphical quality of the game. Ubisoft, however, said that they never decreased the quality of the graphics of the game at all.

These little things can be overlooked anyway. The game, as it is, was already a very successful title. It even beat Ubisoft?s 24-hour sales record and continued to sell 4 million copies within its first week only. ?Downgraded or not, millions of people enjoyed the game on PC and Consoles, and that is what matters right? (It?s not like Ubisoft stole from its customers, so there?s not much point in throwing some tantrums on a matter as small as this one.)

Image Source: watchdogs.ubi.com

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