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Watch Dogs 3 Release In 2019 Possibly Teased By Ubisoft

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Watch Dogs 2

Could Watch Dogs 3 release in 2019? A new Easter Egg unearthed by a fan on Reddit points to that being a possibility. The find comes courtesy of a user named eizak. After exploring the Ubisoft offices located in Watch Dogs 2’s fictional version of San Francisco, he chanced upon this image displayed on one of the studio’s walls.

Did Ubisoft Confirm Watch Dogs 3 Already?

Watch Dogs 3

Image via eizak from Reddit.

A commenter was quick to point out that the in-game poster could actually be referring to Pioneer – the mysterious space exploration game referenced in one of Watch Dogs 2’s Ubisoft centered missions. Previous reports have confirmed that Pioneer is indeed a project currently being developed at Ubisoft.

A Ubisoft insider told Kotaku back in November 2016 that Ubisoft had intended to reveal Pioneer formally sometime this year. However, it was sent back to the drawing board, making its reveal in Watch Dogs 2 a little premature.

“When they decided to make the easter egg in Watch Dogs 2 they didn’t know it was going to be like this so it’s a bit awkward,” said the source.

Despite all the evidence pointing to Pioneer, eizak isn’t willing to rule out the poster’s link to a possible Watch Dogs 3. He says that the logo featured in the image bears the same aesthetics as those from the previous entries in the franchise.

The in-game universe of Watch Dogs has made numerous references to possible settings for future installments. The first game hinted at a possible move across the pond to London. While a conversation in Watch Dogs 2 mentioned New York as a hotbed for Dedsec activity.

Given Watch Dogs 2’s success, we think it’s likely that Ubisoft is looking to keep the franchise going. Will it be in 2019 as the poster suggests? We can only wait and see. For the latest on a possible Watch Dogs 3, keep it right here on the BitBag.

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