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Watch Dogs 2 Update: Coming This Week To Fix The Nudity Of One NPC

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Watch Dogs 2 update

An upcoming Watch Dogs 2 update hitting the consoles soon. The said patch is said to fix the realistic female and male genitalia on NPCs. Furthermore, players can look as they please as long as they don?t post it via PlayStation Network.

That being said, a player was already banned due to posting his explicit screenshots of Watch Dogs 2 genitalia via PlayStation?s built-in tool. This particular player who is also a member of NeoGAF forum has been suspended.

Goron2000 Will Be Playing Other Games For A While

The currently suspended player Goron2000, might?ve been shocked by the game?s level of detail. He then discovered at least one female NPC that has fully rendered female genitalia. Surprisingly, it?s not a glitch or a secret code buried deep within the game.

Watch Dogs 2 update

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It?s actually an art that comes with the final game in which any player could experience. On the other hand, Sony stated that the player?s decision to share this particular discovery online via PlayStation Network violated SEN guidelines.

Watch Dogs 2 Update Kicking Off This Week

These guidelines forbid?the players from sharing sexual or adult content. Fortunately, an upcoming Watch Dogs 2 update is coming soon this week to fix this particular problem.

Another Explicit Content

Furthermore, it?s surprising that this made it past Ubisoft?s certification team. In addition, a YouTuber Servan Demir posted a video which features a fully nude NPC, wearing nothing but a beanie.

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Similar to Goron2000, Servan Demir used the PlayStation?s built-in recording device to capture the video. Immediately after, he uploaded another video that now feature a group of hippies with a fully-naked woman.

When Goron2000 used the same app that Servan Demir used, he got suspended his account for a week. Goron2000 forwarded Sony?s note to Kotaku which says:

?We?re writing to inform you that your Sony Entertainment Network account has been temporarily suspended?. ?We ask all our players to act decently, respectfully and with consideration for us and other players while using PlayStation Network?.

Furthermore, Kotaku asked Ubisoft in order to clarify which genitals they were patching and said that they?re patching the one female NPC. That being said, a Watch Dogs 2 update is coming this week which contains the fix to the said problem.

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