Watch Dogs 2 Updates: All New Storyline for Marcus Holloway; Features More Advance Gameplay?

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Watch Dogs 2

Looking at how Watch Dogs has evolved through time, the sequel Watch Dogs 2 makes up for the original game?s lack of technological pursuit. The visuals are more modern and the rendering of the game has improved. But apart from that, it is the developer?s eventual jump to a more modern and technology-smitten game.

Players who went through the two-hour demo of the game?initially noticed how the characters are more technologically advanced. The sequel is more vibrant and yes, a lot more exciting than the original Watch Dogs. Reviews about the sequel also noticed how some secondary characters are now more visible in the game. It adds to the already interesting concept of the sequel.

About Watch Dogs 2

Marcus Holloway, the lead protagonist of Watch Dogs 2, is left to discover the whole city. This is after the developer introduces the controls of the game and the different gadgets he can use. Watch Dogs 2, according to trusted reviews, has a more comedic approach to situations than the original game. Nevertheless, the whole concept is as challenging and nerve-racking as before, with investigations into the surroundings and people.

The Watch Dogs 2 storyline reveals how Marcus Holloway will try to bring down the ctOS 2.0. The ctOS surveillance system connects everyone to everything. Holloway, a young and intelligent hacker, was part of the surveillance team that installed the ctOS 2.0, until he was framed and all his personal information was exposed to the ctOS.

Watch Dogs 2

In order to redeem himself, Marcus Holloway will collaborate with hacking group DedSec. Together, they will try to bring down the ctOS surveillance system and the man behind it named Blume. Watch Dogs 2 is set for release on November 15, 2016. Meanwhile, some comparative prices for Watch Dogs 2 was made available online. Amazon UK lists the game at $37.00, TESCO direct at $42.00, Zavvi at $44.99, ShopTo at $42.86 and VERY at $49.99.

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