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Watch Dogs 2 Update: Ubisoft Removes 4th Of July Feature On The 4th Of July

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watch dogs 2 update 1.15
Patch notes on update 1.15. [Image from Ubisoft]

Players of Watch Dogs 2 were in for a treat a few days ago as Ubisoft kickstarted a neat event to commemorate the 4th of July. The seasonal event was intended to be fun and all but a disruptive bug ruined the fun for players worldwide. Lucky for us, a Watch Dogs 2 update removed the bug and the event festivities proceeded quickly.

Ubisoft recently removed the fireworks effects caused by the 4th of July  through a recent Watch Dogs 2 update, reports Ars Technica. Now, the game is free from the really annoying and load bug caused by the fireworks which troubled many players online. One of the first players to take note of the issue was NeoGAF user Vlaphor.

Talking about the fireworks, the player says “There’s no consideration of distance, so the fireworks sound the same no matter where you are. There are only a couple of samples, so the fireworks begin to sound identical almost right away.” This is not the only problem caused by the very annoying issue.

The player adds that the fireworks go off non-stop. The fireworks were intended to play every night only and it’s set to last only 8 minutes. Oddly, the bug caused the fireworks to play for about a ? of each in-game day. This makes playing somewhat bearable as players are consistently bombarded with the horrible sound effects.

The 4th of July event in Watch Dogs 2 was intended to coincide with the celebration of Independence Day. Ubisoft might’ve overlooked a few lines of codes and that’s why the event turned into a disaster rather than a festivity that gives players reason to come and play again. For the next seasonal event, Ubisoft should try to be really careful next time.

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