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Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.08: Replay Missions And More New Features In Official Patch Notes For T-Bone DLC This Week!

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Ubisoft has announced the details for Watch Dogs 2 update 1.08, which comes out later this week. It adds a number of features fans want, including the ability to replay missions. The update will also add support for the game’s very first DLC pack called the T-Bone Content Pack.

A number of tweaks have also been made, especially to the multiplayer. This will hopefully fix the various issues that have been plaguing players that enjoy the online play. It’s not clear when the update will hit, but it will be out this week, which should excite fans of the game.

New Features

Here are all of the new features in Watch Dogs 2 update 1.08, courtesy of Ubisoft:

  • Replay Missions: Players can now replay any mission from the main campaign. This way, players can experiment with different play styles or simply relive some fun moments.
  • Hacker Level: Now players can see their hacker level as a stat in Marcus’ Phone. Aside from this, players can also view the hacker levels of other online players. This is likely part of the seamless multiplayer Ubisoft has built up for the game.
  • Enemy Weapons: DedSec picked up blueprints of the enemy’s weapons. This will allow players to print the weapons from the 3D printer.
  • Change The Difficulty: If players want to make the game easier or harder, they can now change it in the options app. Previously, this feature wasn’t allowed, so this is a nice option to have.

Various Tweaks And Balancing

Aside from some of the new features listed above, there are a number of tweaks that will also be coming in?Watch Dogs 2 update 1.08.

  • Hackers are now warned when their RC has been scanned.
  • Enemy player’s RC can no longer be profiled through walls.
  • Rewards will now be given to Hackers based on the download percentage. Extra rewards are also given to players that successfully escape. If a player quits during an online match, the opposing player gets an extra reward.

There are even more tweaks that have been made. Watch Dogs 2 update 1.08 is a huge update that fans will appreciate. Anyone interested in the game can get it now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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