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Watch Dogs 2: Ubisoft Teases Something Big For The Sequel

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Watch Dogs 2

The original Watch Dogs game was not that small, but it seemed really limited. The streets of Chicago were designed well in the game, but the vehicle control mechanics were poor; the police could not chase the player in the water and even on the train. Overall, the gameplay didn?t have the appeal to establish Watch Dogs as a leading game in the open-world genre. Will Ubisoft rectify these problems in Watch Dogs 2?

Right now, we know that Watch Dogs 2 is in the works. The commercial success of the original game has made Ubisoft take the step forward. Ubisoft has already confirmed the sequel, and the company also stated it will release on or before March 2017.

Recently, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin told Polygon that the team is extremely excited and is working hard on Watch Dogs 2. Without revealing details about the gameplay, Morin said that Ubisoft has just started with the game and that the company will push the open-world game even further. ?Watch Dogs is a great game. But it is also the beginning of something bigger,? said Morin in the interview.

The release of Watch Dogs 2 is still a year away, but fans have high hopes for the game. In the original Watch Dogs game, fans did not like the protagonist Aiden Pearce, and now they?re expecting Ubisoft to introduce another character, especially one with a speaking role.

Fans hope that Watch Dogs 2 will be an improved version of its predecessor. For Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft can also learn from what they have been doing with the Assassin?s Creed franchise. When the developer released the original Assassin?s Creed game, it was also plagued with problems, but the second title addressed all the issues very well. The missions became more interesting and diverse. Similarly, the next Watch Dogs game is expected to address all the issues gamers encountered in the first game.

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