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Watch Dogs 2 Seamless Multiplayer “As Soon As This Weekend”, Teases Ubisoft

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Along with the release of Watch Dogs 2 comes non-functional multiplayer options. Due to this, fans were devastated and disappointed. But after the recent issue that the Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer has experienced, the people at Ubisoft has worked double time for it to be fixed as soon as possible.

Now the team of Ubisoft has given the players a weekend to look forward to. The?Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer is near completion with the fix, and if all goes well, players would be enjoying this option soon enough.

The team stated on the game’s official forums?that they have ?been prioritizing finding a solution to the online connection frame rate issue, so we can activate the seamless multiplayer feature in the game.? Players should still set their expectations though as it’s not yet final if Ubisoft will get it working within this week.

“If the solution works as intended, we would begin deploying the fix in a patch and turn on seamless multiplayer as soon as this weekend. This is the scenario that we are all hoping for. But if during these tests we see that the game’s stability with seamless multiplayer still needs work, seamless online will remain deactivated and we will continue to investigate and test solutions.”

They also stated that they are ?currently conducting extensive internal testing of a solution to ensure it causes no regression to the core single player experience, as well as smoothly integrates into the seamless multiplayer.?

The Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer?has been causing been crashing the game and causing performance issues, so Ubisoft is working hard to ensure that it will work perfectly this time.?The players have been waiting for the Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer to run again since it was?disabled?before the game even launched. It was upsetting for the players because some?decided to buy the game for the multiplayer feature.

Until there?s a final verdict for the Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer, players can just sit back and wait. Until then, they can still play other missions to pass the time.

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