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Watch Dogs 2 Review Embargo: Time And Date Confirmed

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Watch Dogs 2 Review

The official Watch Dogs 2 review will come out on November 14 at 3AM PT/6AM ET. The information comes from an insider who is considered one of the most trusted game industry sources for leaks. The game is scheduled to arrive on consoles on November 15 this year, and fans were expecting that the reviews for the game will start coming out earlier than the said date.

The company has already delayed the game?s PC release by two weeks. Now that the launch date on PS4 and Xbox One is nearing, anticipation for the Watch Dogs 2 reviews?is high. The game will be available on different stores in various editions, but?there will be no full game early access?pre-order bonus for the title.

According to CEO Yves Guillemot, the pre-order figures for Watch Dogs 2 are not as expected. The company, during its earnings call, revealed that ?the pre-orders are not as high as we thought they could be.? ?Nonetheless, the company said that it is confident about the game and they feel like the game will do well?because of the game’s quality.?

This is the second game from the franchise from which players have big hopes. The original game was modestly received, but many felt the game felt underwhelming. To encourage fans, the company has also released a new launch trailer for the game, but it hardly showcases real gameplay scenarios and is highly focused on cinematic clips from the game.

The original game scored an overall rating of 79 on Open Critic.?We’ll see on November 14 whether Ubisoft?can pull of an Assassin’s Creed 2, which greatly improved on almost every aspect of the original.?

The PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will be available this November 15. The PC version comes out on November 29.

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