Watch Dogs 2 Release: Ubisoft To Unveil First Gameplay Video At E3 2016?

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Ubisoft has a long list of great series including Far Cry, Assassin?s Creed and the Tom Clancy games. One of the more recent additions to Ubisoft?s IP is the action game Watch Dogs. ?Released back in 2014, the game received mostly positive reviews, with most praising its gameplay. Since then, fans have been wanting a sequel, and Ubisoft might deliver really soon.

Rumors about Watch Dogs 2 has long been circulating online. Fans believed that the game will be originally revealed at E3 2015 but to no avail. However, fans are still keeping their hopes up with another expected E3 reveal this June. This time around, the rumors are backed up by sources close to Ubisoft.

According to a report by Rebel, Watch Dogs 2 is coming soon, and footages are to be shown at E3 2016. Rebel learned of the news through a source at Ubisoft Montreal. It added that the sequel will be exclusive to current-gen consoles and that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are very unlikely.

The source also noted that the footage to be revealed at E3 2016 will showcase most of Watch Dog 2?s gameplay. However, no release date has been set yet, but early rumors suggested that it will be launched during the holiday season. Not much is known about the game, but it is expected to take place in San Francisco. Seeing as the game is set in a different area, players might no longer be using Aiden Pearce.

However, Ubisoft has yet to confirm any of the rumors. The most solid indication that Ubisoft is indeed working on a sequel is the LinkedIn profile of the company?s employee named Julien Risse, which says that he is working on a Watch Dogs title.

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