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Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Leaked Before Pre-E3 Reveal

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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 may have been revealed in the oddest way possible. Instead of an official reveal from Ubisoft, the game was shown in an ad on IGN, according to Eurogamer. According to the ad, it looks like Watch Dogs 2 will be released on Nov. 15 and will likely be available on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

It looks like a few changes have been made from the original game. The sequel will now be set in San Francisco and will have a completely different protagonist from the first game. Considering how the protagonist in the first Watch Dogs was considered unlikable and generic, this was probably a good move.

Prior to the advertisement on IGN, Ubisoft had already teased Watch Dogs 2. The game currently has a teaser and a website, so fans are just waiting for an official reveal by the developers. Well they were anyway, until IGN decided to leak it early.

Considering how IGN is one of the most popular gaming websites right now, the ad is most definitely legitimate. It?s likely that the website will be revealing the game ahead of others, as it managed to get advertisements of the game quite early. Either that or they accidentally released the ad too early.

Since E3 is coming up, fans can expect more details about the game during the event. It will be interesting to see how the sequel improves on the first game, which many a fan considered fun but overhyped. Critics praised sections of the game where players were able to hack items in areas, as it actually made the title feel unique, so fans should expect more of this in Watch Dogs 2.

Though the first Watch Dogs ended up being just okay despite the hype, fans should keep in mind that the first Assassin?s Creed was the same as well. Ubisoft made up for this with Assassin?s Creed 2, which made the first game feel like a demo in comparison. Will lightning strike twice for the sequel? That remains to be seen.

If the ad is true ? and it probably is ? Watch Dogs 2 will be out on Nov. 15. Expect the game to come to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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