Watch Dogs 2 Release Date And Gameplay: Changes Ubisoft Should Make

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Now that some time has passed, everyone will likely agree that Watch Dogs was disappointing. While it wasn?t a terrible game, the amount of hype it got backfired, as the actual game didn?t live up to expectations. The innovative hacking mechanic wasn?t used too much, the story was by the numbers and the graphics were nowhere near as good as the E3 ?gameplay? trailer.

Still, it made a decent amount of money, and a lot of fans commented on the potential of the game. Ubisoft is hoping to maximize said potential as they stated that the Watch Dogs 2 release date is before April 2017, according to GameSpot. It will be interesting to see what they fix from the original game.

Cinema Blend stated that Ubisoft is hoping Watch Dogs 2 will do the same thing Assassin?s Creed 2 did: maximize the potential that was seen in the first game. Many considered Assassin?s Creed 2 to be a groundbreaking title for the series, ensuring that the Assassin?s Creed brand would have a future, though the amount of sequels it has is quite staggering and a bit tiresome.

One thing Watch Dogs 2 can change is the protagonist Aiden Pierce. While he had a sympathetic backstory, his motivations and characterization made him very unlikeable. A new lead would help, much like how people preferred Ezio from Assassin?s Creed 2 to Altair from the first game.

Another thing the sequel should do is focus more on hacking, which many agreed was the most interesting part of the game. Invading people?s privacy for missions felt dark but original for a gameplay mechanic. The sequel could add more features, like the option to blackmail bad people that the player hacked.

Watch Dogs 2 could revitalize the series, ensuring another high-profile IP for Ubisoft. The popular gaming company already has the aforementioned Assassin?s Creed series, Splinter Cell, Rayman and various Tom Clancy games under its belt.

Anyone curious about the first game can pick up Watch Dogs on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. A complete edition of the game is also available on current-gen consoles, with all the previously released DLCs.

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