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Watch Dogs 2 ?Penis? Contents: Gameplay & Where To Find Content At Your Own Risk

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Watch Dogs 2 ?Penis? Contents

There?s no denying that Watch Dogs 2 ?Penis? Contents took everyone by surprise. Not because of the nudity, but because it?s actually built into the game. Despite receiving great review scores, Watch Dogs 2 is still facing a lot of controversies.

Online Multiplayer Also Broken?

In addition, their promised seamless online multiplayer was faulty since its launch. It caused crashes and have been overall troublesome. On the other hand, multiple players found a rather unsavory character model in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Nightclub

Watch Dogs 2 ?Penis? Contents

One of the NPCs has a graphic representation of female genitalia for everyone to see. Despite being a PG 18 game, adults were surprised to see this kind of nudity. Furthermore, a lot of curious players are still having trouble in locating this naked NPC.

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As can be seen above, Watch Dogs 2 features a strip club. Obviously, it?s filled with naked women. However, it doesn?t have the level of detail compared to the one shared by Swizzasaur on Twitter.

Naked Hippies

Furthermore, the following videos below show a group of hippies having a good time. However, it appears that these hippies are so happy that they?ve decided to be naked.

Naked Man

A man who appears to be a junkie is standing in an alley with nothing but a beanie. After being confronted by the player, the NPC happily walked down the street mindlessly.

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A lot of people were surprised about the Watch Dogs 2?s graphic nudity. Ubisoft is now working on a patch that should fix the controversy. Meanwhile, Watch Dogs 2 isn?t the only game that features naked women.

For instance, Witcher 3 also has numerous nudity. In fact, these nude characters have strong ties to the main character of the game. All in all, the controversy wouldn?t be as big as this if it weren?t because of Sony banning people who tried to screen grab naked NPCs.

That being said, these Watch Dogs 2 ?Penis? Contents, will remain until the patch kicks off. However, Ubisoft didn?t clarify what exact changes are about to come.

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