Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer: All Available Features In Online Modes

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Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer

Recently, Ubisoft?s Watch Dogs 2 raked in good reviews for its single player content. The game also had its seamless multiplayer components disabled at launch. However, Ubisoft has already explained the game’s?multiplayer content way before its release. Here?s all the Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer revealed content so you can check if Ubisoft made any changes to it.

Seamless Multiplayer System

According to the official Ubisoft US video, Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer is going to be a ?seamless? experience. Players don?t need to go through online lobbies as they can join other players online. Once connected, players can choose to have a Co-Op or PvP or just enjoy the Sandbox gameplay together.

Online Features

In Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer, players have an assortment of Co-op missions to do together. Alternatively, players can opt to play PvP modes like Bounty Hunting to kill players which causes chaos for money. However, targeted players also get a reward for killing Bounty Hunters, so be careful.

Meanwhile, Online Invasions also happen in the game. The Invader?s goal is to hack the host player and run away as far as they can. Meanwhile, the host must catch the invader to also get his reward. This game mode allows players to have a hide-and-seek and car chase gameplay if they play it correctly. So far, most of Watch Dogs 2?s multiplayer systems are about direct interaction between players.

Reviews So Far

In the first Watch Dogs game, Ubisoft had a lot of teased features and great visuals that didn?t make it in the actual game. The released version of the first Watch Dogs fell short of its promotional videos. Potentially, Watch Dogs 2 could have the same case, so keep an eye out. However, the game has been receiving positive reviews as it currently holds an?84?overall rating on Open Critic. Jim Sterling gave the game a 9/10, as seen on one of his Jimquisition articles. IGN has also praised the game?s multiplayer for “being a blast”.

Players will have to get their hands on the game to see if its multiplayer holds up and if it is an overall good game. Stay updated with more Watch Dogs 2 news here on The BitBag.

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