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Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Skills: Essential Abilities For Stealth, Multiplayer, And Aggressive Playstyles

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There are several hacking Skills in Watch Dogs 2 that suit different types of playstyles. While you could purchase any hacking abilities in the Skill Tree since it isn?t that difficult to acquire Research Points to purchase new abilities, it?s certainly a waste if you purchase?skills you?re barely going to use. Here are some of the abilities that suits almost all types of playstyles.

Vehicle Directional Hack

Under the Vehicle Hacking Research Tree, this ability let?s you move vehicles in a specific direction. Not only does this allow you to distract enemies so you can sneak past them, this can also be used to put a car near you to create a hiding spot.

In the Bounty Hunter multiplayer mode, this can be used to forcefully street your target?s vehicle elsewhere. In Hacking Invasion, you can street vehicles to create a huge distraction and fool them that you?re near that chaotic area.

Whenever you?re in a high speed chase with real players, you?re at a huge disadvantage if you don?t have this skill. Most vehicular chases against real life players involve them using the Vehicle Directional Hack against one another. Most of the victors in chase sequences in online modes are those who either has the most the number of Botnets available or those who can forcefully steer the opponent?s vehicle in the right path.

Explosion Device

This is mainly essential for those online co-op missions where you need to destroy durable objects like vehicles. Under the Tinkering gadget mastery, this ability let?s you throw the a lethal device that can stick on the ground, vehicles, and other objects. You can then remotely detonate it with a single press of a?button.

If you find your partner in co-op missions get spotted by enemies, the AI of enemies will go crazy and it?s likely a large firefight will ensue. An explosion can easily save you if you find yourself surrounded by foes.

This skill also has other uses aside from killing people. There are some objects in the game that can be destroyed by vehicles. If you don?t want to use a car, you can use the Explosion Device to do the deed.

Massive System Crash + Blackout

This ability is highly useful when fighting against real players as it disables all hackable objects in the area. At nighttime, it heavily reduces the chances of AI enemies from being able to spot you.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think are the best hacking skills everyone should get? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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