Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Gameplay May be the Ultimate Prize

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Almost everything in the Watch Dogs 2 videogame is prone to hacking. In a recent gameplay walkthrough made by animation director Colin Graham, the ultimate selfie and hacking exposure was revealed. Players will take on the character of Marcus Holloway, who works for hacktivist named DedSec.

Holloway?s main purpose is to roam around the place, testing and challenging the surveillance system implemented in the city. There are endless resources and players can choose which one they like. These resources range from non-lethal weapons to deadlier ones. This depends on the type of hacking that needs to be done.

Others can opt to use the wheeled control devices in order to survey locations far from where the player is. Players can just go about anywhere they like by hacking cars, cameras, lifts and doors. The only thing remaining is the player’s ability to use these resources properly. Players in Watch Dogs 2 are also warned to be careful. One wrong move and the police will be on their tails. The multiplayer mode of the game allows at least three more players to come after you when you commit an offense.

Hacking Invasion Feature

The game?s first ever PvP mode called Hacking Invasion is also returning on Watch Dogs 2. Shown in the recent walkthrough video are visits to several local shops including clothing shops and the city?s other prominent landmarks.

Watch Dogs 2

The game is recognized in the open world single-player. At the recent Gamescom event, Ubisoft explained the PvP mode of the ?Hacking Invasion.? This mode challenges the player to a certain target and their mission is to download data from the source without getting caught. This can be done alone or with other players who will help in executing the mission.

However, the Bounty Hunter mode of Watch Dogs 2 puts players in the chase mission. Once police detects a crime, players can choose to work with the police and chase a single, common target. Watch Dogs 2 launches on the ?PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on November 15, 2016.

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