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Watch Dogs 2 Gunplay Is Still Terrible

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Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft at E3 2016 showed off a 10-minute-long gameplay demo of Watch Dogs 2 in which the game?s protagonist can be seen hacking devices, choosing new outfits and more. Recently, a fan who claims to have played the game said all elements about the game was ?amazing? except for its gunplay ?According to the user, shooting firearms in Watch Dogs 2 would remind players of the GTA games.

Watch Dogs 2‘s new hero, Marcus Holloway, will be featured in the game which is set in San Francisco. According to a game fan who played side missions and co-op at E3 2016, the game is a better improvement over the original Watch Dogs. However, the gunplay doesn?t look a lot different from what Ubisoft did in the original game. According to the player, Ubisoft did not include made substantial improvements to its gunplay.

Fans have been expecting the firefights to be more like Uncharted 4, but shooting didn?t feel like it has weight, the fan said. Most were expecting the game to feature more in terms of gunplay, but it seems that Ubisoft focused more on hacking and the toolset that players get in the game. The toolset features quadcopters that can be used for marking targets, checking the places from different perspectives, and also hacking things. The most interesting thing about the drone is that it can be spotted, and players will have to keep it undetected. The game indeed features guns, but using the tools might feel more satisfying than just shooting people. ?

The user revealed that Ubisoft has almost doubled down the hacking in the new game and the gameplay is much faster now. The protagonist is now more flexible and has more abilities. Along with this, the driving elements are brilliantly improved in the new game. However, Watch Dogs 2 still needs more improvements, and there are many other things the developer should do such as add more side missions.

Watch Dogs 2 will come out on November 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For more about the game, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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