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Watch Dogs 2 Guide: Fastest Ways To Earn Cash

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Watch Dogs 2 Guide
Watch Dogs 2 Guide

Watch Dogs 2 just came out and a majority of players are still getting acquainted with the game. But if you?re in it to win it, then we have a great guide for you.

We?ll show you the best ways to stock up on some serious cash in Watch Dogs 2 in the shortest amount of time possible. Follow this guide and you?ll be set to fuel all your crazy escapades in this hit open world.

Pawn Shops

Resist your hoarder senses and sell everything you don?t need at Pawn Shops. Just go to any Pawn Shop talk to the shopkeeper and you?re on your way.

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To make a quick buck, you could steal to sell at Pawn Shops (don?t do this in real life please). Go to any car and open up the glove compartment. You could find some decent items to sell every so often.

Watch Dogs 2

It Pays to Look Around

There?s cash hidden everywhere and we mean that literally. There?s literally money bags just lying in random places.

The game is set to randomly spawn money bags on the map during your travels. These bags show up with looking like a blue diamond with a dollar sign.

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You can use a Jumper to get them in your inventory but just plain going up to them works perfectly fine.

Not all moneybags are equal. A bit of RNG comes into play here. Some can be filled with as much as $20,000 and can even come with items that you can sell for some more cash.

So you?re better off enjoying the scenery on the way to your next objective. It will literally pay off.

Watch Dogs 2

Hack People

You can also hack people in Watch Dogs 2. You?ll get a prompt to hack people who have dollar signs on them. If you find one of these people than you?re looking at walking money for the taking.

Although, this method may not be worth it to some since each person usually just gives about $70. But the good news is that you can bump this amount up to $1000.

To earn more from hacking people, you will need to unlock the Improved Profiler skill from Social Engineering. Once you?ve done this, you?ll now be able to hack people who will net you $400 to $1000.

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