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Watch Dogs 2 Graphics Downgrade Confirmed

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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 was developed when the developers already clearly know the capabilities of current-gen consoles. Ubisoft also said that there will be no graphics downgrade in the game. However, a comparison video shows this did not happen.?The franchise has already been hit by graphics-related controversies, and it seems that Ubisoft did the same again. The Watch Dogs 2 graphics downgrade is now confirmed.

E3 2016 Trailer vs Retail Game

If the official statement from Ubisoft?s Dominic Guay is something to go by, there should have been no downgrade in the Watch Dogs 2 graphics. But if you watch the video that compares graphics from the E3 demo and retail version on PS4, the changes are clearly visible and it seems that the game?s visuals have been hit. You can see in the video below how the retail version compares to the E3 2016 trailer courtesy of Cycu1.

The downgraded quality of the game?s visuals is not that bad when compared to the blunder with the original game. However, the differences in the visuals are too noticeable. The changes are so visible that anyone can see the difference in what Ubisoft showed us during E3 and what the company is selling. A fan says that it seems like the company has simply removed subsurface scattering for the skin. There are chances that they removed ?skin shader. There are also less infrastructures in the cutscenes of the final build.?

Ubisoft has not said anything about the issue. The same thing happens when we look at the city lights; the volumetric lighting appears to be non-existent in the final game.

?Watch Dogs 2 uses an evolved version of the first opus technology. With many years passing doing R&D on this hardware generation, we were able to expend the game?s graphics significantly,? said Guay in an interview with the Standard.

Watch Dogs 2 is consistently dealing with low sales before the game launched; the graphic downgrade issue might also hurt the game?s sales. Recent reports have already suggested that the?Ubisoft?sold significantly less copies than the original title.?

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