Watch Dogs 2 Ending Extended! New Clue Points To London Setting For Watch Dogs 3

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Watch Dogs 2 Ending
Source: Watch Dogs 2 – Launch Trailer [US] video

Recently, Ubisoft released the update 1.11 patch for Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft also encouraged players to explore Watch Dogs 2 again to find the newly added areas for themselves rather than them listing it down on the patch notes. In the game’s ending, fans found some extra content which hints a new clue about the setting of a newWatch Dogs game.

Update 1.11

In the Watch Dogs 2 update 1.11 patch notes, Ubisoft confirmed that new areas were added in the San Francisco Bay area. However, Ubisoft let the fans discover the new additions by exploring the Watch Dogs 2 map again. Some players were able to find new areas, and additionally some new content was found in the game’s ending.

New Ending Footage

As seen on Frenzy’s video on YouTube, the Watch Dogs 2 ending shows a recording of two people talking about the growth of DedSec in other countries. These people are possibly launching a counterattack against DedSec to fight back against the hackers. This conversation alone sets up another Watch Dogs entry for Ubisoft to pick up soon. Players may need to clear the Motherload mission again to see this new content.

London Sequel?

Meanwhile, Kotaku’s report states that the numbers in the title of the Watch Dogs 2 ending  conversation are actually map coordinates. Inputting the coordinates on Google Maps will point out Brixton, England which might be the setting of Watch Dogs 3. It’s also possible that the next game’s antagonists may just be based in London and familiar Watch Dogs character will face them again. 

This isn’t the first time that rumors surfaced about a London setting for Watch Dogs 3. The first game actually gave hints that a Watch Dogs game set in London might possibly happen soon.

Watch Dogs 2 so far

Currently, the Watch Dogs 2 DLCs don’t seem to be visiting London anytime soon. Many of the new areas found in the update 1.11 hint that Watch Dogs 2 DLC will be set in the San Francisco Bay area. Recently, players found a yacht with a Russian flag on it which probably hints the third Watch Dogs 2 DLC, No Compromise. Meanwhile, TimTri’s thread on the Watch Dogs 2 subreddit found a certain “Hobo City.” Hobos are a large part of the second DLC’s “Caustic Progress” mission where players must hunt down an organization that’s experimenting on homeless people.

Unless Ubisoft is planning another set of DLC after No Compromise, fans may not see the London setting until the next Watch Dogs 3 entry. We’ll have to wait until the next major event like E3 to know if Ubisoft is planning to release it soon. Stay updated with more Watch Dogs 2 news here on The BitBag.

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