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Watch Dogs 2 DLC: Team Up With Aiden Pearce In San Francisco? [Spoilers]

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Watch Dogs 2 launched recently and players are hacking their way through San Francisco with Marcus Holloway. While the main game is already filled to the brim with content, fans may still be aching for more of the game. A few fans have apparently spotted Aiden Pearce, the original game?s protagonist, in the title. Will Aiden be teaming up with Marcus in a Watch Dogs 2 DLC?

YouTube channel TheGoodKyle shared what looks to be Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce getting into trouble at San Francisco. It starts off with Marcus figuring out that Aiden was headed into a trap. A few moments later, Aiden is seen behind bars and with the help of Marcus, he was able to break out.

Ubisoft didn?t say anything about Aiden appearing in the game. To the surprise of fans, The Fox himself made a cameo in the game. What?s even more interesting is that the chain of events set up a potential Watch Dogs 2 DLC featuring Aiden working together with Marcus.

Ubisoft already detailed the Season Pass contents for Watch Dogs 2.?Three story DLCs are headed to the game; T-Bone Content Bundle, Human Conditions and No Compromise. The third DLC, No Compromise, pits Marcus in a battle against the Russian Mafia.

Watch Dogs 2 DLC Possibility

Based on the video by TheGoodKyle, the person guarding Aiden is wearing a tracksuit. It?s a stereotypical outfit for Russians. There?s a chance that the third DLC might be Aiden and Marcus working together against a common enemy.

Although the first Watch Dogs isn?t a hit with gamers, seeing the first protagonist working together with Marcus would definitely be an exciting premise for the expansion. All we have to do now is wait for the actual DLC to drop.

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