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Watch Dogs 2 DedSec App Releasing Soon?

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Watch Dogs 2

The original Watch Dogs game introduced some interesting hacking ideas in the franchise. It showed off the rise of technology and how people can compromise it for their own good. Now Ubisoft has confirmed the Watch Dogs 2?s release date, and a DedSec app might arriving soon.

Although Ubisoft has not confirmed the arrival of this application, the company?s website and Watch Dogs 2 trailers have led fans to believe that the DedSec app for the game is coming soon. On its official website, Ubisoft is asking fans to register for DedSec activities. The webpage suggests that signing up for the program will allow fans to earn in-game points, prizes and sweepstakes.

On a Reddit thread, fans have already started speculating on the release of the Watch Dogs 2 DedSec app. According to a user, the Join Us slogan in videos and webpage hint at a DedSec app for Android and iOS. According to the user, Ubisoft is doing the same thing as what Bethesda did for Fallout 4.

Although the developers have not shared any detail regarding such news at E3 2016 or on its official website, the Reddit user claims in a comment that he got a reply from an official source, who denied the release of such companion app. ?Hey. As of now, we have no plan for a companion app. We wanted to focus all our efforts on the main experience ?Dom,? the user stated.

The game?s protagonist, Marcus, can use hacking in a lot of ways in the game. Marcus can hack multiple phones to cause mass distraction. Marcus will also be able to modify the information of each non-playable character in the game. He can also use his hacking skills to cause distraction in order for him to avoid the police. With the help of CtOS 2.0, the protagonist will also be able to control and hijack vehicles remotely.

Watch Dogs 2 releases on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Several special editions of the game are already available for pre-order.

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