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Watch Dogs 2 Cheats: Easy Money Trick To Get $20000 In 1 Minute

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Watch Dogs 2 is a Ubisoft title, so in-game cash is really important. Thankfully, there are Watch Dogs 2 cheats to help you gain more money. This has been the case for titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, so it’s no surprise to see it play a vital role here. Of course, since the game has players hack a number of things, bank accounts are part of that list. However, there seems to be an easy way to get around 20,000 in-game cash.

In order to do this exploit by Wiki Games Guide, players will have to be part of the Eye for an Eye operation. During one of the operation’s side objectives ? Real Dog Fight ? players will find an easy way to get money. While there might be other ways to get in-game cash quickly, this seems like the quickest way so far. Plus, it’s really easy to exploit.

Pablo Escobroke

During the Real Dog Fight mission of Watch Dogs 2, players will have to infiltrate the base of Pablo the Skinner. Using stealth, players should be able to find Pablo giving a motivational speech to his workers for dog fights. While he’s making his speech, players can hack him and get close to 20,000 in-game cash.

The best part about this is that players can restart this part of the game and keep the money earned. Once restarted, players simply have to use stealth to reach the same part and hack Pablo again. Doing these Watch Dogs 2 cheats over and over should net players plenty of in-game cash. Just make sure to wait for the save icon to pop up so a restart can be done without progress getting erased.

Mo Money Mo Problems

Given how easy these Watch Dogs 2 cheats are, players might have too much money really fast. This has been a problem in previous Ubisoft games. While the sequel does have plenty of things for players to purchase, it might come to a point that they can purchase everything without struggling. Basically, the game could become really easy.

Fans curious about this can pick up Watch Dogs 2 now. Other notable aspects about the game include nude NPC’s (for both sexes) and the usual hacking shtick. Those that enjoy Mr. Robot might enjoy this game.

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