Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 5: Watch ?The Warmth of Light? Here

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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 5

The Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV animated series sheds light on how the four main characters got together and how they all ended up as good friends. They goof around at times but in the end, they all got each other?s back ? ?whether it?s the empire chasing them, hunting down giant beasts, or even just camping out and preparing for dinner. They are all ready to stick together for anything. Watch Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 5 below.

Episode 5 The Warmth of Light picks up from where episode 1, Before the Storm left off. While setting out on a journey to get Noctis to Lunafreya, the group hears about the attack on Insomnia (Capital of Lucis). Noctis then remembers a dark event in his childhood, wherein a Daemon attacked him and left him severely wounded. The ending of episode 1 shows the same Daemon in present time, alongside the Niflheim attack force.

[SPOILERS: If you haven?t seen episode 5, skip this part to the video below.]

In Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 5, Noctis charges at the Daemon alone.

After several futile attacks, he is thrown off a cliff and lands in water. He then recalls everything about the first attack, as well as how his father drove the Daemon away using an ability that Noctis gains. As soon as Noctis finds the resolve, he gains Armiger Arsenal, a special ability where he can summon crystal energy in the form of swords. He eventually kills the Daemon with help from his comrades and by cutting off the Daemon?s head. This caused him to break down, perhaps because of finally getting the closure he?s been longing for. The four of them continue on their journey to Altissia.

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Episode 5

Watch episode 5 here:

A special sixth episode is yet to be released, focusing on the character, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, former princess of Tenebrae. Seeing how the series is going now, episode 6 will be worth the wait even with the delayed release of the Final Fantasy XV game itself.

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