[WATCH] Berserk Musou Video Game Teaser Trailer and Warning on Dark Content

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The Berserk manga is getting a video game version and game developer Omega Force is kind enough to share its teaser trailer online. According to Anime News Network, ?Berserk Musou? as revealed by the developer, will feature the most ?evil Musou? in history and the trailer says it all. A strict warning to users is that Berserk Musou contains dark concepts and a lot of violent scenes that parents may want to screen from younger children watching the gameplay or at least be there for guidance.

The game is also scheduled to be released in Japan this year, and it will arrive on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms. KOEI Tecmo Europe, on the other hand, confirmed that the game will arrive in the U.S through Steam, but on platforms PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. As early as May, Tecmo has already teased the arrival of the Berserk Musou game, hence, they said that more details will be revealed at the upcoming E3 2016 event, which is happening now until June 16, 2016.

While there?s no updated gameplay for the video, Berserk Musou is about Gutz, the wandering mercenary who meets his fate with another group of mercenaries. After he was defeated by the leader of the group, he was taken in to join them. Not long after, he becomes the right hand of the leader, but later on realizes being with them is even more dangerous than fighting alone and being a lone mercenary.

Berserk is popular for its manga version, but just recently, TheBitBag reported that it is going to have its own anime version with an unspecified date of release. Crunchyroll will stream the anime and as the report says, the streaming channel considers Berserk as one of their biggest acquisitions yet. The anime version will also have different languages for different regions. While some worry about the translation messing up the whole series, those who have already read the manga series will likely not mind it at all.

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