Watch Bananya Anime: A Crazy Cute Cat Inside a Banana

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Bananya Anime caused cuteness overload all over the Internet. This 3-minute long animated series about a Kitten inside a banana is so trippy, it will leave you dumbfounded in the end. Soon enough you realize you?ve repeated the video three times now.

Bananya started as a character brand, produced by Q-Lia, a stationery manufacturer based in Osaka. Earlier this year, Q-Lia started a crowdfunding campaign to fund its animated series, which became a success. Through this, they were able to release four episodes this month.

Plot Summary: Bananya is a cat who hides inside a banana. When nobody is around, Bananya and her friends poke out their heads and arms and jump around in their bananas. The lower half portion of their bodies are always covered by the banana peel. ?See what they do when no one is looking.

Watch the four episodes here:

Episode 1 – The Kitty Who Lived in a Banana

Episode 2 – Bananya and Friends, Nya

Episode 3 – Banana Watches TV, Nya

Episode 4 – Bananya and the Mouse, Nya

Bananya Anime

Bananya and Friends

The Characters:

Bananya – the main character who dreams of one day becoming a chocolate banana. He likes to play and eat sweet things.

Tora Bananya – Bananya?s rival who has a crush on Bananya-ko.

Baby Bananya – the youngest of the bunch who loves banana milk.

Bananya-ko – the madonna of the group because she loves makeup and fashion.

Kenaga Bananya – is a gorgeous kitty and he knows it! ?He loves to boast and groom his luxurious mane.

Kuro Bananya – he came from europe and was said to be a gentleman or rather a gentlebananya.

Mike Bananya – lives next door but often comes to play. He is a mischievous kitty who would often breaks things.

Oyaji Bananya – eldest in the bunch. He is often seen reading the newspaper.

Sabatora Bananya – Tora?s younger brother who always worries about his brother?s love life.

Bananya is voiced by Yuki Kaji (Boku No Hero Academia – Shoto Todoroki) while the story is narrated by Yoshikazu Ebisu, a japanese actor known for his role in Ninkyo Yaro as Genji Shibata.

Fans say that Bananya is the anime of the year – sending nothing but happiness to its viewers.

Who’s your favorite character from Bananya Anime? Let us know on the comments section below!

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