Wasteland 2 coming to Windows PC this August 2014

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The post-apocalyptic role playing game, Wasteland 2 by InXile, will be ready for release this coming August 2014, according to the developer.

Wasteland, the prequel to this coming game, was first released in 1988. Wasteland 2 is a sequel to that and it started out as a Kickstarter that was successfully funded in 2012. The game is currently up as an Early Access title and the game?s designer, Brian Fargo, mentioned that the feedback so far from the beta has been beneficial and that he is proud of how Wasteland 2 is currently taking shape.

Fargo explained how large the game experience is, stating: ?The scope of the game is immense with a word count that is greater than The Lord of the Rings novels and a solid 50 hour+ game experience that has diversity from beginning to end?. He also commented about their goal to deliver what they aspired to do during the Kickstarter campaign saying: ?My goal has been to over deliver on our backer’s expectations for?Wasteland 2?.

It was announced by inXile earlier this month that they would be revealing the game?s launch date before the end of May. This marks the end of a three month plan that was outlined in February that suggested that the developer was focusing solely in addressing bugs in the game. According to Fargo, the game should be complete feature-wise but not feature locked. This means that every feature they have put in is going through different testing in terms of functionality, gameplay balance impact, as well as quality. If a certain feature does not make the cut, it will be removed but they will also listen to fan feedback so if the internal review goes well or indicates that the feature is vital, the developer will double down on it. The main focus right now though is for optimizing, balancing, and removing any bugs that they can find.

Their latest update includes high profile fixes, combat and balance, user interface, optimization, save/load, world map, animation and navigation, audio, visual, technical and text, miscellaneous, and many more. If you check out their tumblr page here, you?ll see they are hard at work to apply fixes and enhancements.

Wasteland 2 is currently being developed for Mac, Windows PC and Linux.

Photo Source: Wasteland Tumblr page

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