Warzone #25 – Blu-Ray Does Not Make Games Look Better

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On this episode we discuss what Blu-Ray really is, a storage medium. We talk about how many feel that graphics are better because of Blu-Ray when in fact graphics are better because of the hardware, not the medium that the data is stored on. Also on this episode:

– Hiphopgamer argues back and forth with a listener who says, “Home is a virtual doll house”
– Weapon X has some details on the PS4 possibly being released in 2010
– Torrence strikes back at some readers who accuse him of being a fanboy because of his response to the Kikizo interview with Square-Enix
– Digi Guys pull the plug on Hiphopgamer
– Torrence asks for more spawns and lights out on the Helgan red eye in Killzone 2
– and much much more!

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