Warzone #22 – Will Killzone 2 Change The Face Of The PS3?

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This was the question that was asked of the audience last night that turned into a super heated debate between Erl Fly and Hiphopgamer. Erl, who’s played KZ2 extensively, says it’s like COD4 with some added features and better graphics but it’s not groundbreaking as far as FPS games goes. He also says that it’s a twitch game that doesn’t require much skill to get mp kills whereas a game like Halo 3 requires much more skill in multiplayer. Hiphopgamer disagrees and thinks that the games mentioned require the same amount of skill. This turned into almost a 30min argument and is hilarious! Also on the show:

– Hiphopgamer calls out Sarcastic Gamer on their bullshit
– Torrence tells us why he thinks Dead Space is the best looking game this generation
– Weapon X asks, “Do you think Gears Of War 2 is pushing the limits of the 360?” We answer his question and discuss why.
– Break apart controller to be a part of the next Playstation console
– And much much more!

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