Warzone #21 – What’s Your Definition Of Hardcore Gamer?

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On today’s show we talk about hardcore gaming and what it really means. Can a single console owner still be a hardcore gamer? Blip74 from Games On Smash thinks so and gets into a heated debate about it with the Bitbag crew.

This show included our pre-show warmup and total time is 2hrs and 45mins!

Also on this show:

– The fallout of Fallout 3. Torrence tells us why PS3 owners who boycott Fallout 3 are idiots.
– Candid Anthony talks about why Fable 2 is the hottest game available on any console right now
– Hiphopgamer discusses the Gears Of War 3 multiplatform rumor and drops some other heavy rumors too. He also talks about why Bioshock for PS3 should have had more content and looked better after a year of development
– We had a few give aways including End War, COD: WoW, and Resistance 2 beta codes
– And much much more!

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