Warzone #19 – Are You Mad About Square’s Decision To Continue To Support Microsoft?

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Podcast host is back up! Enjoy episode 19!

On this show we spent a lot of time discussing decisions made by Square and Namco to take popular franchises multiplatform. While it’s great news for gamers everywhere, we try and ponder why people got so upset about it. Also on this show:

– Rumor: EA in talks with Nvidia…hmmmm
– Torrence thinks there are more PS3 fanboys than 360 fanboys. We discuss why and debate it.
– Lost Odyssey and why this is the game diehard Final Fantasy fans should be playing right now
– We talk with Weapon X to try and understand the emotional attachment to a series like FF and it’s ties to the Playstation brand
– Torrence gives Darkpower some tips for his new blog
– and much much more!

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