Warzone #17 – Home Will Not Be A System Seller

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In this episode we discuss several new Playstation games including the new Home interface. Torrence doesn’t think Home will be a system seller at all. Hiphopgamer argues the benefits of Home and how amazing it will be. Also on this show:

– We talk about some LBP user made levels
– Is Wipeout HD is simply the best PSN game to date?
– Candid Anthony fills out a Sony survey that includes PRICING options for MAG
– 3 Contest giveaways during the show that you won’t want to miss. This includes free Xbox Live, Resistance 2 Beta keys and something every gamer wants.
– Killzone 2 Beta has started, watch for the email
– PSN Cards available at major retailers next month
– Why Torrence added HD-DVD to my movie arsenal
– And much much more!

Contest info:

To Win A Resistance 2 Beta key answer these questions:
1. What year does Resistance 2 take place?
2. Name a game that puts emphasis on the color red and has a leading female with 2 tattoos.

To Win a free month of Xbox Live answer these questions:
1. Name the first 5 launch titles for the PS1
2. What was the first game in the King Of Fighters series?

To Win a special package answer this riddle:

I’m what some consider the great white hope. I flew at sonic speeds and delivered more than Fedex. Like Ali I was the greatest and will always be known as the greatest. I entered your dreams and never left. I was casted away and never forgotten. What am I?

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