Warzone #16 – Do PS3 Games Really Give You More Because Of Blu-Ray?

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This show got pretty heated during the last 30 minutes. Hiphopgamer argued that Blu-Ray makes games bigger and better and I argued that the number one PS3 game, MGS4, can be completed in less than 10hrs and it’s a 50gb game. It went on and on til the end of the show. Watch the Live Blog while you are listening to see some of the points our readers touched on. Also on the show:

– 360 Shakes up Japan. Can they continue?
– Forced Unleashed is getting panned by most reviewers. We talk about why it’s a love it or hate it game.
– We discuss why retro-gaming is still fun and still worth spending money on.
– Goodfellajay Diss.
– Element X, racist, bigot, I don’t know you make the call.
– Is Little Big Planet Toy Story quality?
– We question GTAV’s exclusivity considering there will be a new Xbox when they start working on it.
– And much much more…

16 Bars For Goodfellajay

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