Warzone #15 – Playstation 3 Is The Most Powerful Console On The Market. Accept It And Move On!

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On this episode we discuss the problems with the debate about which system is the most powerful. Everyone knows that the PS3 is the most powerful system. It’s newer hardware than both the 360 and the Wii and has tons of untapped power. Does that mean people will stop buying 360’s? Of course not. We take a look at last generation to prove our point. Also on the show:

– Why do we argue which system is better?
– What’s happening at TGS?
– Pure VS Motorstorm 2
– Pain: Amusement Park
– Does anyone who lives in the US care about Europe and Japan sales?
– Darkpower returns as the Fanboy Of The Week for claiming that you have to have a Wifi adapter and a memory card to enjoy the FULL Xbox 360 experience.

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