Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate: New Characters Added From Soulcalibur And Atelier

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New trailer, screenshots and details have been shared by Koei Tecmo on its forthcoming Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.
The game is set to be released for PS Vita and PS3 via PlayStation Network pm, and Xbox One and PS4 at retail on September 2 in North America and September 5 in Europe. The game adds a new set of characters, including guests from the Atelier and Soulcalibur.

The new warriors include:

  • Yinglong ? An officer from the ancient past of Mystic Realm. He fought hordes of demons alongside Fu Xi and the other mystics. He is an inspiration for his subordinates and is highly admired by his peers. However, Ying Long?s sense of honesty leads him to never question other?s position, and always follows his convictions, which makes him kind of inflexible at times.
  • Nezha ? Also an officer of the Mystic Realm and was born in the area where the realms of mystics and humans overlapped. Because of his great skills, the Mystic Army accepted him, but Nezha lives to test himself in every difficult battle he will be able to find, while wielding his powerful Fire Spear, no matter what situation he may encounter.
  • Tamamo ? This lady is a bewitching mystic who appeared after the Hydra has been defeated. Tamamo harbors a deep hatred against humans and has a very high opinion of herself. She prospers on the negativity and chaos that a world at war may bring. Tamamo was able to interfere with the human?s efforts with the use of the inscriptions from her scroll.
  • Sterkenburg Cranach ? Used to be a knight of the Kingdom of Arland. He is normally calm and collected, but he roars into action when his sense nobility is put to the test or when looking for information about the whereabouts of his former king. He escorted Princess Meruru back to Arls, and when he was returning to Arland, he got sucked into the space-time rift and ended up in this unknown world.
  • Sophitia Alexandra ? She is a mother of two and is also a holy warrior. Hephaesteus, the Olympian god of fire and smithing – sent her on a mission to eradicate the evil sword, the Soul Edge. Sophitia?s daughter was later taken hostage, however, and was forced to protect the Sould Edge. After the end of the battle, she got sucked by the rift in space-time while she was on her way home, and is transported to the Orochi dimension.


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