?The Warriors? Movie Remake: Marvel Russo Brothers To Adapt Classic Film For TV

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Marvel?s Joe and Anthony Russo are taking a break from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for The Warriors Movie Remake which they will be adapting from film to TV.

The Russo brothers will adapt the classic film, which was also an adaptation of the classic Sol Yurick novel, as a one-hour drama in partnership with Paramount TV and Hulu. The duo will be directing the pilot but there are no announcements yet about directing commitments beyond the pilot. Meanwhile, writer Frank Baldwin will join the team as well, Deadline reports.

Walter Hill?s classic 1979 film was set in the same year when some parts of New York appear to be reminiscent of war-torn Mogadishu, shattered by the deadly gang wars. A fierce leader summons these New York City street gangs in a bid to take over. But he was shot and killed in a rally and one of the gangs called, The Warriors, was falsely accused for his death. The members fight their way home as every other gang wants to hunt them down and kill them. The film remains to this day a classic of its genre. The cast included James Remar and Michael Beck.

The Russo brothers? adaptation will honor the classic film and at the same time add their ?own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.?

The Russo brothers have a long list of critically-acclaimed films to their name including the most recent hit, Captain America: Civil War, including its previous instalment, The Winter Soldier. The duo is also set to direct the highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts I and II plus more high-profile projects.

The Warriors series will be a Paramount Television production in partnership with Getaway Productions and the Russo brothers who will also serve as producers along with Mike Larocca. The producer of the original film, Lawrence Gordon, will serve as the executive producer.

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