Warner Bro’s. Secures ‘I Am Legend 2’ Movie Rights

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I Am Legend

Supposedly, an inside source of whispers that author of the original novel Richard Matheson has sold the movie rights for I Am Legend 2 to Warner Bro’s. Pictures.

While it doesn’t guarantee a sequel per se, it does create the option for Warner Brothers to cash in create another film in the I Am Legend realm. It would more than likely be an original film taking from ideas of the I Am Legend novel, since the book was never sequeled.

I’m hoping they don’t see it fit to make another I Am Legend. The first movie was great, but a sequel seems to have more potential to be a stinker than it does to be another blockbuster hit, especially because it will have to draw from more abstract ideas since they aren’t entirely based on the book. Only time will tell!



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