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Warner Bros. Axes Damian Wayne Batman Game [Rumor]

new batman game
The Damian Wayne game was seemingly cancelled. [Image from DC Comics]

Fans hoping for that new Batman game with Damian Wayne to appear at E3 are about to get disappointed. It seems like the game has been nixed and conceptualized from the start, which could mean no Arkham reveal. Admittedly, the game has has only been rumored, so no one even knows if it’s real, but fans were excited.

Kotaku’s Jason Shreier stated that the game is being rebooted on Twitter, disappointing many a fan excited for it. When asked if Damian Wayne was being completely scrapped from the game, Shreier said he doesn’t know yet. It’s not yet clear if this means we won’t be seeing any type of Batman game, since one without Damian has also been rumored.

E3 Leaks and Arkham Insurgency

While a new Batman game with Damian Wayne might not come into fruition, the status for Arkham Insurgency isn’t known. This was supposedly the Batman title that was leaked for E3, along with the heavily anticipated Assassin’s Creed Empire. Unlike the game with Damian, this would be a prequel to Arkham Asylum and a sequel to Arkham Origins.

Arkham Insurgency takes place a few years after Origins and has Batman mentoring Dick Grayson, who is still Robin. Since we’ve only seen Grayson as Nightwing in the Arkham games, this is a nice change of pace. It’s not clear if this is being rebooted, so we’ll have to wait till E3 to see if it exists.

No Future Batman Games?

After finishing Arkham Knight, players were really hoping to see news on a some kind of new Batman game. With the game possibly nixed and Arkham Insurgency still in question, we’ll have to wait till E3 for possible details. Since the event is a month away, Batman fans are in for a long wait for the next game.

There was a mysterious title fans were hoping was a Batman game, but that ended up being Shadow of War. In fairness, it looks like a fairly promising title that builds on the foundation of the excellent Shadow of Mordor. Still, something starring DC’s Caped Crusader would have been nice to see, considering how popular the character currently is.

Fans will have to stick to their copies of Batman: Arkham Knight until a new game is eventually revealed. There is also the Return to Arkham collection, which remasters the first two Arkham games for current-gen consoles. Damian Wayne fans will want to get Injustice 2 to play as the son of Batman.

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