Warlords of Draenor Character Models Revealed

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It has been ten years since World of Warcraft was released. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has undergone several expansions. But in latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard will also introduce its major overhaul of the MMO?s graphics.

  • Male Draenei Model

Blizzard recently posted a few screenshots of the new male Draenei model. The most noticeable new features of the male model are the head ridges.

Chris Robinson, art director for the World of Warcraft, wrote, ?The original was one of the better character models in the game, so it didn?t require a ton of translation ? but with higher resolution textures and more polygons to work with, we were able to bump up his fidelity quite a bit, as well as improve how we convey emotion through a new animation rig?.


The male Draenei is referred to as the Son of Exodar.

  • Female Draenei Model

A?new look for the Female Draenei was revealed last April.


Based on the art director?s post, it seems that the new female Draenei model will need a lot of work before it can be deemed ready.

Robinson wrote his thoughts about the new female Draenei look, ?Animation is a big factor for the female Draenei specifically, so it is important to keep it in mind when comparing the two. The original Draenei has some fairly extreme posing that happens when she?s animated. If you were to see the static model of the original without any posing you?d see that it looks very similar to the new one?Ultimately all of those things will be addressed when we animate the new model, they just don?t take place until she?s rigged and sent on to the animation team?.

The female Draenei is called the Daughter of Argus.

  • Warlord of Draenei

This fifth expansion is scheduled for release this fall and the game will take place on Draenor, the Orc?s original homeworld.

Image Source: World of Warcraft


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