WarLingo: 2D Empire, Turn Based Strategy Game Review

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Looking for a turn-based strategy game that you can download into your Android device?

If so, then one of your options is WarLingo. Read this review to find out whether or not the game is as satisfying as the developers claim it to be.

App Description

Basically, WarLingo is a 2-D strategy game app that you can get for free. You can play it by yourself or you can opt for the multi-player mode. You will be assigned the role of the leader of a newly established country. Your goal is to become not only the supreme leader, but to become the most powerful above all others. As the commander, you can make use of anything from war to diplomacy as you strive hard to create an economically and military-stable empire.

Game Options

One of the greatest attractions to this Android app is the fact that it comes with numerous impressive gaming options. Aside from the single and the multi-player modes, you can also choose from a wide array of player personalities. An advanced messaging system is also incorporated into the game. The extensive selection of war units, including troops, jets, tanks, ships, as well as anti-air and ballistic missiles also make the game very exciting. You can also check out your achievements via Google Play?s Leaderboards & Achievements.


With plenty of various gaming options and player modes, there is no doubt that WarLingo is really one of the most exciting and download-worthy 2D apps currently available to Android users. The recent update is also a bonus, with a new war option being added into the War Room, the research technology being increased up to level 1000, and the Arabic language now being supported. So if you are really into strategy and thinking games, it is highly recommended that you get this 12MB app.

You can download WarLingo here.

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