Warhammer 40K: Chess – Regicide Coming to Multiple Platforms this Year

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Warhammer fans looking for a breath of fresh air will like the new Warhammer 40K: Chess ? Regicide game. It?s a game that blends the Warhammer IP with the tactical and strategic aspect of chess. According to Hammerfall Publishing and Games Workshop, the game is coming to multiple gaming platforms this year.

According to Project Lead at Hammerfall Publishing, Cathrin Machin, two of the defining principles of Warhammer 40K: Chess ? Regicide include tactical and compelling gameplay mechanics as well as a strong emphasis on visual fidelity. Hammerfall is trying to set itself apart by having hundreds of handcrafted kill and death animations that are motion captured by utilizing military trained fight and stunt choreographers.

The game features upgradeable characters and lets players choose from several factions from the popular Warhammer 40K races. There are single and multiplayer classic chess modes together with a Blood Angels story driven campaign that is powered by the new Codex chess engine which was written by Games Workshop published author Ross Watson.

Players will be interested to know that Warhammer 40K: Chess ? Regicide will feature cross platform compatibility gameplay. Although Hammerfall are specialists for PC, tablet, and mobile games, the game is slated to be released on multiple platforms, but the company has yet to confirm which specific platforms are to be included.

Early birds will also have an advantage as those players who sign up for the game in the first 30 days of release will receive a free in game Space Marine White Scar army.

For a cinematic trailer of the game, see below. This trailer was created by cinematic studio, Plastic Wax.

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According to Tyrone Maddams, Art Director at Plastic Wax, he mentioned that: ?We have a great respect for the Warhammer 40K IP, the many loyal fans, and Games Workshop?. He also wanted to have a a trailer that did the game justice by adding: ?We wanted to break new ground, and chose to create the cinematic using a real-time engine. It was important that we created a cinematic which not only represented the quality of the game by using in-game assets, but also does justice to the IP.?

Photo Source: Warhammer 40k chess website

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