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Warframe’s Open-World Expansion Has Side Quests, Random Encounters, And Day/Night Cycle

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Source: Warframe – Plains of Eidolon – 17-minute Gameplay Demo video

Digital Extremes has announced some details of the upcoming Plains of Eidolon expansion which features an open-world area. This open-world area will feature an NPC town, side quests, enemy random encounters, and even a day/night cycle. Here’s what we know on Warframe’s open-world addition.

In an interview from PCGamer, the Warframe developers went in-depth on the open-world addition. Warframe’s upcoming open-world expansion consists of a large NPC-populated town as well as a landscape that isn’t procedurally generated.

The developers also confirmed random enemy encounters in areas outside the town. In connection with the enemy spawns, the open-world area will spawn the usual Grineer foes during the day. Meanwhile, the newer, larger foes, the Eidolons, will appear at night.

While the Grineer have been familiar faces, the Eidolons will be some sort of raid boss. Fighting them will need a “sustained, coordinated team approach.” The loot for beating these large monsters is yet to be known but it might be related to the new weapon crafting system.

A preview of these new open world features were shown in the Fields of Eidolon gameplay released this July 8. The city of Cetus will have a living, breathing world where its citizens do their work and children play around. More than cosmetic touches of life in the rural city, Cetus will also feature a marketplace where you can buy new Fields of Eidolon items and even craft your own weapon.

The Warframe open world expansion is expected to be released later this year. So far, Warframe has always been a procedurally generated corridor simulator as it repeatedly pits players into exploring ships, mines, and closed spaces to do missions and take loot. Veterans and newcomers will be sure to enjoy this expansion which changes up this online game’s experience.

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