Warframe Dev Will Be Acquired By Perfect World and Chicken Meat Supplier

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There are lots of rumors regarding Warframe developer, Digital Extremes, which says that, sooner or later, they will be taken over by Perfect World. Although there are several players not happy about it, it seems like it is happening. Digital Extremes is now acquired by multiplayer gaming company Perfect World and Sumpo, a supplier of chicken meat.

We have not heard any involvement before from Sumpo but in a document that they have presented, it states that the companies entered a ?non-binding term sheet? last June 30. As we speak, they are now keeping track on any development and on the affiliations of Digital Extremes. Perfect World and Sumpo are now negotiating and finalizing the deal while Digital Extremes agreed that they will not cater any other offer at this point.

Warframe players however, are not happy with the recent development. Seeing Perfect World handle some of their games in the past few years, turning Warframe ?over to them might damage the entire community. The game will be monetized and the experience that they are enjoying right now would turn into a disaster.

In a post by users on the Warframe subreddit, they are trying to send a message by organizing a temporary boycott of the game. It looks pretty serious though as avid Warframe fans are in total discontent with the ongoing events. ?In the post, they are writing a petition that had already gathered 4, 000 signatures urging people to save Digital Extremes from the ?greedy mmo gaming company, Perfect World.

In an interview with Digital Extremes? video game director, Steve Sinclair; “You may have read something about the business development side of Digital Extremes and it may have you concerned”, “For legal reasons, we can’t disclose specifics but if you know the history of Warframe you’d know that we are intent on having Warframe’s design remain in the hands of Digital Extremes. Yes, opportunities will arise for us but the game itself is and will remain a labor of love.” He added. Warframe is a free-to-play game and when Perfect World takes over, they will just ruin the game.

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