Warcraft Movie Trailer Leaked, Watch The Footage Here

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Exclusive trailers at events getting leaked seems to be a common thing lately. The Trailer for Captain America: Civil War has recently been leaked and it?s now the turn of?the Warcraft movie.

Where To Watch The Leaked Warcraft Movie trailer

?The epic phenomenon will become a worldwide event,? the trailer promises. This leaked trailer clocks only at less than 40 seconds and features both the Alliance and the Horde. You can watch the leaked trailer here.

Time will tell when the video will be pulled-down, but who knows, it may be made publicly available soon like how Warner Bros. did with Suicide Squad when their exclusive comic-con trailer in San Diego leaked online.?This leaked trailer however doesn’t seem to be the 2015 comic con footage shown to audiences as it reportedly has a run time of 5 minutes. Still, the short leaked footage will surely get fans excited for the film.?The world truly looks stunning in the trailer with beautifully crafted scenery and animated characters. We also finally get to see Orgrim Doomhammer in action.

The movie looks to be promising as the director said that they are hugely inspired by the take of Peter Jackson in his Lord of the Ring films which was able to appeal to people who were not familiar with the lore. Director Duncan previously said he would be doing the same thing for his film:??We wanted to make a film which everyone would be interested in beyond the Warcraft audience, a similar challenge to Peter Jackson?s Lord of the Rings movies, which had to appeal to non-Tolkien fans. We?re hoping we can do the same,? Warcraft director Duncan Jones said.

He also looks to be truly proud for his film:??I think we have a movie we?re very proud of? I don?t think anyone is going to be disappointed after this. And if it goes well, I am pretty convinced that [Chris Metzen, Blizzard story and franchise director and co-producer of the movie,] and I have a very good idea of what story we can tell in three films, given the opportunity.?

The Warcraft Movie will be released this June 10, 2016.?The movie will be directed by Duncan Jones. The cast includes Travis Fimmel (Anduin Lothar), Paula Patton (Garona), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim), Ben Foster (Medivh), Dominic Cooper (King Llane Wrynn), and Clancy Brown (Blackhand).

Source: Gamespot

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