Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer Released: Characters, Set And More Revealed!

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And here is a teaser for the anticipated trailer to the most anticipated movie

Yes, it is a thing nowadays to create teasers for trailers of movies or games or any entertainment, but Blizzard sure knows how to keep the hype up with a teaser trailer for the upcoming Warcraft live-action movie.

The 15-second teaser was released recently to the internet and people are starting to share it in all corners of the social networks. If featured some of the main characters from the movie like Anduin Lothar who will be portrayed by Travis Fimmel, we also get to marvel the massive Human city of Stormwind, there is also a glimpse scene of the Orcs raiding a Human territory, and more scenes of Stormwind with a massive army amassing. You can check the teaser below for more on the hyped moments.

Though it will heavily based on the first game where both the Humans and Orcs will have their first encounter, there are still no details on how the plot for the Warcraft movie will unfold, but Director Duncan Jones aims to show sides of the conflict equally which gives fans a chance to root for their favorite side, the treatment with the original strategy game, where regardless of what side you pick, you will always feel like a hero in your story.

Meanwhile, a new of photos has surfaced showing detailed shots of the three main characters of the movie, you can check our previous coverage from here.

We won?t be able to watch the full trailer until Friday, and those who will be at Blizzcon will be able to watch the debut as well this week.

Warcraft will be hitting theaters on June 10, 2016 and will be directed by Duncan Jones and will star Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell and Robert Kazinsky.

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