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Warcraft 3 Gets an Update After 5 years

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It has been an awesome 14 years for Warcraft 3. This game is a timeless classic and was the birthplace of one of the most famous MOBAs today: Defense of the Ancients. Moving away from DOTA, most of us thought that this game was already forgotten. That is not true, Blizzard has announced a new patch for this classic RTS game. This is the first update for Warcraft 3 after almost 5 years! The patch promises to fix compatibility issues so that it can adapt to new operating systems.

The announcement was made by Blizzard through a video featuring the head of its Classic Games division, Robert Bridenbecker. He said that the patch will be made available to the Warcraft 3 players all over the world. They will release the updates at the same time, regardless of timezone, and the update will change the version of the game to 1.27. The developers, however, didn?t want to reveal any more information about the features of the new patch.

The video shows Robert Bridenbecker saying Blizzard?s upcoming plans, starting with the fixes and game updates. He said that more patches will be implemented in the next few months. The compatibility issue fix has been revealed a bit early to give Warcraft 3 players something to look forward to. Some people are not able to play Warcraft 3 on Windows 10, but Blizzard has decided to fix that problem once and for all. Now the game will be running smoothly even on newer Operating systems.

Blizzard is committed to create new updates for their old school games. The classics are currently untouched but are still played by millions of players worldwide. Warcraft 3 isn?t the only game to receive an update this year. We are also expecting updates for Diablo 2.

Isn?t this a great time for those gamers who still adore the classics? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


Source: http://windowsreport.com/warcraft-3-support-windows-10/


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