War And Peace–Will America Save Its Ratings?

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War and Peace, the BBC miniseries based on Tolstoy?s epic novel, premiered on three channels in the U.S. on Sunday. Simulcasted across three networks, A&E, Lifetime and History Channel, the BBC One Series is suffering from declining ratings lately in the U.K. But there are hopes that the U.S. premiere will turn viewership around.

According to Express.co.uk, War And Peace continues to lose viewers to Call The Midwife which dominated Sunday ratings. Ratings went down, diving to 5.3 million for the second episode from 6.3 million viewers on its premiere last January 3. Its latest third episode on Sunday night dumped another 200,000, with the resulting 5.1 million figure representing a 22.3% share of the audience from 9pm. In the previous hour, Call The Midwife returned for its fifth series and became the most-watched show of the evening with a healthy 7.97 million viewers.

We expect the period drama to be loved by the American audience and this could save the declining ratings of the show. The British period drama Downton Abbey proved to be a huge success with U.S. audience and surely the similar War and Peace will get exceptional reception. The New Yorker, citing its similarities to the popular show, had said: ?It?s a costume drama, ?Downton Abbey? goes to Moscow, one of those ?Masterpiece Theatre?-type shows that, despite the toniness and the high-end production values, is basically about the trials and tribulations of getting exceptionally attractive and ridiculously rich people properly paired off. Within the confines of that slightly soapy ambition, the series is credible and, at moments, quite moving.?

While the British may have gotten bored of their TV shows and movies that usually tend to portray the glorious past, the Americans will love such ?period dramas? as U.S. daily soaps are based more on present scenarios.

Americans for a change would love the comfort viewing of the past dramas such as War and Peace to get away from present threats of Islamic State, violent crime, drug abuse or the climate change. The world of princes and dukes, of those with titles, servants and grand estates, carriages, castles and corsets in the costume drama will impress the U.S. viewers and allow them to escape into the past world of glory.

War and Peace tells the story of Napoleon?s 1812 invasion of Russia and how it affects five aristocratic families ? the Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys, Drubetskoys, Kuragins and Rostovas ? in “the waning days of imperial Russia.” The miniseries will star Paul Dano as Pierre Bezukhov, Lily James as Natasha Rostova, James Norton as Andrei Bolkonsky, Gillian Anderson as Anna Pavlovna and Jim Broadbent as Prince Bolkonsky.

Here is the full Lifetime schedule for “War and Peace”:

  • Monday, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m. EST
  • Monday, Jan. 25, at 9 p.m. EST
  • Monday, Feb. 1, at 9 p.m. EST
  • Monday, Feb. 8, at 9 p.m. EST

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