Want To Run Android OS On Your Windows PC Or Tablet? Console OS Can Do That For You

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Console OS hopes to bring Android to Windows PC and tablet

Ever wonder how Android would look like on your Windows tablet or PC? Then we suggest that you take a look at the new Console OS. This is the work of California-based company Mobile Media Ventures, which hopes to successfully launch an Android OS version designed for Windows-powered tablets and PCs.

Previously, numerous efforts have been given to bring Android to Windows devices. Emulation software like WindowsAndroid and BlueStacks have both attempted and failed in varying degrees to achieve the said goal. Even major chipmaker Intel had offered a DualOS platform that tried to bundle Android and Windows together.

With not enough resources to accomplish the project, Mobile Media Ventures has launched a fund-raising effort in Kickstarter, the popular crowd-funding platform for startup projects. This campaign hopes to collect $ 50,000 to fund the company?s Console OS project. The minimum pledge is $ 10, and with that you will get the Console OS upon release and will enjoy unlimited free upgrades. Those who will donate will also get the chance to vote which devices you want the Console OS to support.

Console OS compared with other similar software

Console OS compared with other similar software

According to Console OS developers, what they plan to do is to create a version of the Android 4.4 KitKat that will run either as a standalone or secondary OS on Windows tablets and PCs. Furthermore, they are claiming that this version will run smoothly on touch-based input devices or even in mouse-and-keyboard setups.? The Console OS will automatically scale Android apps and display them properly on different PC or tablet resolutions.

As expected, Mobile Media Venture will release a version of Console OS for free. But the company is also planning to offer a paid Console OS Pro that is aligned to sell for $20 and can be installed on all of the subscriber?s PCs. The paid version will also come with added perks like remote access from any of the user?s Android devices, running Android apps in Windows, media playback support, more codecs, DVR features, among many others. The Console OS won?t be able to support Google Play; they will have the Amazon Appstore instead. There are also plans to include a native Console OS app store.


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