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Want to Dominate Mario Kart 8? Here are Some Tips and Tricks To Master The New Wii U Game

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Mario Kart 8 Tips and Tricks

Mario Kart 8 is one of this year?s coolest releases for the Wii U aside from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It?s a kart racing game both developed and published by Nintendo for their Wii U consoles. Mario Kart 8 was released on May 29 in Japan and to the rest of the world the following day.

Though it?s hard for players to feel unfamiliar with the new Mario Kart 8, as it is the franchise?s eighth edition, there are still some aspects of new versions that players are not aware of. Perhaps they are just temporarily unable to use a new controller. Whatever it is, here are some handy tips and tricks to help beginners enjoy the most out of this game and guide them in the right direction.

Choosing the Right Kart

The game always starts with the player choosing the right character. But it?s also equally important to select the right ride to do the job. Sadly, this is a case of trial and error. If it?s your first time, you may have to try lots of karts to know more about their abilities. However, one tip to come up with a better ride is to customize.

There are two ways to construct the right kart. First, you need to hit the plus button in order to view the specs for each kart part. The stats of every part vary and it depends on the player, to choose which one he thinks is the most practical. The other option, as many beginners found to be effective, is to just select the most unique and coolest-looking parts.

Choosing the right Kart and right Kart parts

Choosing the right Kart and right Kart parts

Master the Head Start boost

In Mario Kart 8 every player begins in the same location, but not all beginnings are intended to be equal (at least Mario Kart-wise). Here is a tip for you to get the perfect boost at the start of every race. When the race countdown begins, carefully watch the numbers as they lower down. Just as the number 2 starts to fade, you should press and hold the accelerate button. You will get a quick boost if you?re able to time it correctly.

How to get a head start boost

How to get a head start boost

Racing 101: Know how to Drift and Draft

If you are always left behind at the end of each race, it?s possible that you don?t know how to drift and draft the right way. Drafting is the practice of directly following another racer and doing this for a short distance. Once you positioned your kart in the right location, a ?draft? of wind will engulf your kart and help it reach a draft boost.

Drifting, on the other hand, is the process wherein players hold the right shoulder button while taking turns ? doing this will make a stream of sparks to appear. Red sparks translates to a longer speed boost while blue sparks means a shorter boost.

Get a hold of those Gold Coins

Coins are once again important for the new Mario Kart 8 game. They can be used to unlock different kart parts which players can use to their advantage. For every 50 coins or so collected, a new kart wheel, body, or glider will be unlocked. There is another benefit of coin collection; during a race, if a player manages to catch all 10 coins that appear he will enjoy a slight but much-needed speed boost that may help him win the game.

Collect as many Mario Kart 8 coins as you can

Collect as many Mario Kart 8 coins as you can


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