Want some ice cream before you go to sleep? This tub just made your wish come true!

This sleep-friendly ice cream will let you have a guilt-free nighttime snack

Advertising Disclosure

Most of the evenings we drink, but some nights are meant for ice creams. Yes! I-C-E C-R-E-A-M as a midnight snack, but sadly, our parents are not entirely wrong when they told us to control our sugars before bedtime. Eating at night will only make it difficult to sleep, and there is no fun either with eating only a banana watching your favorite movie trying to make yourself sleepy.

But this isn’t 2010! We know much better now, and 2021s is the time for ice cream in bed. Thanks to Nightfood, they developed a sleep-friendly ice cream to satisfy our late-night cravings.

Midnight snacks are painted in such a bad light because people think the kind of food we eat during the wee hours of the night is full of fat, sugar and heavy on calories. It disrupts our sleep quality!

But Nightfood ice cream aims to address this prejudice so people can still enjoy their snack cravings at night without feeling guilty. Developed by leading sleep and nutrition experts, Nightfood wants to keep the disruptive ingredients of keeping you awake out and add components that support relaxation and better sleep quality. It is safe for everyone: Men, women, big brothers, big sisters, life partners, and even pregnant women.


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Fun Fact: Nightfood is the Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association

This is more of a creamy confession from the company because it happens by accident. Pregnant women started posting how they love the ice creams, so the company’s Scientific Advisory Board reviews the available literature on pregnancy nutrition published. They found that this ice cream has extra calcium, magnesium, and zinc, plus less sugar, more fiber, more protein. All of these things contribute to a nutritional profile recommended for pregnant moms compared to other ice cream.

NightFood Award Winning Flavors

The fact that this is healthy and safe ice cream is not just the only amazing thing. Just like any ice cream, the Nightfood comes in eight tried-and-true flavors tailored to promote better rest. These are chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, and decaf coffee.

The Cherry Eclipse flavor relies on a specific type of cherry that is naturally highest in melatonin. Other products have a cocoa-based ingredient that tastes like real coffee but without the caffeine kick.

Can Nightfood make me sleep?

But don’t be mistaken, it’s not an ice cream to make you fall asleep fast. Nightfood ice cream does not contain melatonin, no sleep aid substances, and will not knock you out to sleep after eating. The idea behind this product was to simply give you an option for something healthier that is less likely to disturb sleep. Traditional ice cream’s sugar, fat, and calories can cause what sleep experts call micro-awakenings which fragment sleep.

Nightfood won the 2019 Product of the Year award in the ice cream category in a Kantar survey of over 40,000 consumers. Nightfood was also named Best New Ice Cream in the 2019 World Dairy Innovation Awards.

Inside our body, there is like a machine at work. When we eat a lot at night, our body will work automatically to digest everything. Nightfood ice cream will not make you lose sleep. It’s a snack to satisfy your cravings that will not make your body more awake than you are during the day.


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